What is the most important thing to you?

Some will answer kids…partner… car….home… Others will answer travel… friends….being able to go out….

Have you considered that YOU are the most important thing in your life?

When you are well, happy, healthy living the best life that you can live. You are able to enjoy the things that are most important to you.


Initial Consultation

An Initial consultation usually lasts for about an hour. This can be quite a therapeutic consultation. We cover your health history, explore your current health concerns and formulate some health goals moving forward. If you feel that you may need longer than an hour (particularly if you have a complex health history), double sessions can be booked in advance.


Hair Testing

Food, Environmental and Nutritional sensitivity testing is available for those wanting to explore what may be causing health issues/ inflammation in the body, skin issues..the list goes on!. This service is available for all ages (my youngest client is only 12 months old) is non-invasive and requires only a small amount of hair. Testing is run through . Results tend to take approximately 3-4 weeks to come in and you receive a comprehensive report detailing sensitivities. The first test is $135 and any further tests on the same sample can be added for $99.00 each.

Follow up Consultations & Meal plans

A 30 minute follow up appointment is $39.00, please keep in mind that if you require a longer appointment I charge $79 per hour.

Meal plans are $29.00 each.


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