Food Sensitivity Testing & Nutritional Deficiencies

This testing is very popular. It is non-invasive, is suitable for all ages, and can take a lot of the guesswork out identifying food and environmental triggers. This test is recommended for anyone wanting to discover whether any food or environmental factors could be triggering distress or imbalances in their health and well-being. The testing is sensitive and can identify many kinds of reactivities that may be contributing to ill-health. A wide range of substances are tested, including foods, food additives, and various common substances found in the home and environment. 

Nutritional Guidance

Whether your Dr has told you that you have IBS or you just feel as though something is not right, we can explore your world of food. Meal planning can be tricky, and I am here to help! You will receive a personalised meal plan e-book with shopping list, recipes and nutritional information and it will all be done to suit your lifestyle. This takes all of the pressure off you having to think about what to eat and what to buy  when you are shopping 🙂 Appointments are usually for 60 minutes. Please Note:  If you have complex health concerns, you will need to book in for an initial appointment prior to food planning. 

Invest In Your Health

Testing Costs


A sample will be collected at the time of your appointment and is processed through . Results take 3-4 weeks. If you would like further testing on the same sample, the cost of the extra testing is reduced to $99. A popular added test is the Optimum Nutrition Test This test reports on deficiencies or excesses of nutrients and is great for those on restricted diets, chronic medication, or for those who are just interested in their current nutrient status.

Nutrition Appointments


Nutrition appointments are 60 minutes. Upon booking I will send you a food diary to complete before your initial appointment so that we can explore what may be causing you any problems. Together we can work on a food plan that suits your personal needs & lifestyle .

Food Plans


Your food plan will come to you a personalised full colour e-book . It includes a weekly meal plan, shopping list and individual recipes. We work on these plans together in your appointment and they do incur an extra charge of $29.00 – this covers the cost of me bundling it all up all nice and pretty for you! 

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